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Wake County Family Court Calendar


In compliance with the directives of the Honorable Cheri Beasley, all non-emergency domestic matters scheduled through APRIL 17, 2020 will be removed from the court calendar. These matters will be rescheduled by the Family Court office. Emergency matters (emergency custody hearings, TRO's, domestic violence hearings, motions to renew domestic violence orders, domestic violence show cause hearings, and some PC motions that must be heard in four weeks) will remain on the calendar unless a party makes a request for a continuance.

Welcome to Wake County Family Court's online calendaring system!


This site shows what cases and issues have already been calendared to help determine the likelihood of your case being heard on a particular date.


Once you have determined when you want to schedule a particular case or issue for hearing, you must contact the other side to attempt to agree on the date and length of hearing. Please note that if you are attempting to schedule a hearing in Courtroom 2B, the maximum amount of time for that hearing is three (3) hours. Also, you may only schedule a hearing on a date that is marked "open" as calendars marked "closed" mean that the calendar is full. After agreeing to the date and length of time, you must file a completed Calendar Request (WAKE-DOM-04) (available at www.nccourts.org Favorites Local Rules Wake) with the Clerk of Court and email, mail, fax or hand-deliver a copy to your Case Coordinator. Your hearing will only be scheduled upon your Case Coordinator's receipt of the Calendar Request.

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